Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sister's Bedrooms

Amberlilies's post reminded me of my sister's bedrooms when we were growing up. My two sisters, Inklings and Nene, were quite a bit older than me. (I guess they still are, but it sounds so much nicer to say it in past tense. ;) No offense to them, but I always lose track of how much older they are, but I think Nene is 9 years older, and Inklings 11? Anyway, they were teenagers when I was still in elementary school. I always thought their bedrooms were so cool.

Inklings decorated her bedroom by herself. She chose turquoise as her main color. I remember that she had plaid turquoise curtains. I can't remember the bedspread very well, but it matched. Then she took her dresser and cut out small square pieces of paper and decopauged them on to the dresser, then painted over them. It made this really cool texture on the dresser. I think she and Nene both had bookshelves that they made out of planks of wood and bricks. Inklings had this clear cube with the faces of Eve on each side. I thought it was so cool and used to look at it all the time. She had other things too that I thought were cool, but my memory of them has fizzled out. I used to sneak in to her room when she wasn't home and just look at all her cool stuff. :)

Nene got what I thought was the coolest bedroom in the house. It had two built in bookshelf/dressers in the wall. I don't remember the color in her bedroom, but I remember that she had cool things like a long chain made of braided gum wrappers. She also had sent off for a toy through a cereal box or something. It was the three bears with a table and small cereal bowls and chairs. I used to go in her bedroom when she wasn't there too and just look at her stuff and play with the bears. When I was younger she had her Barbies in an overnight case and I used to play with them while she wasn't home. I remember her kind of protesting when she came home and found it a mess, but I could tell she didn't really mind that much.

Apologies to my brothers, but I thought their rooms were gross. ;) I don't think they were dirty, or anything like that, but they had boy germs and their room wasn't pretty. :P I don't remember ever wanting to sneak in to their rooms when they weren't there. lol I always felt sorry for my youngest brother whose bedroom for several years was in the basement. I thought his bedroom was scary, and dark. I gave him a "light saber" for Christmas one year, and I think that kept him from being afraid in that room.

I have an embarassing memory of one time when we went to visit Nene shortly after she got married. After we had been there for awhile, I went to my mother and proclaimed something like, "I love to visit Nene because her house is so fun to snoop in." :) I guess whether it was a bedroom, or a house, I thought my sister's rooms were cool. :)


Inklings said...

Nene is 8 years older than you. I didn't know you sneaked into our rooms, but I knew Nene used to sneak clothes out of my closet, because the Jr. high school started 15 minutes after the high school, and got out 15 minutes earlier. She had double the school clothes. :0)

My verification word is shicaut - she got caught???

Nene said...

I have absolutely no memory of the 3 bears, table and cereal bowls. Have no idea what that was. The room with the built in bookshelves was the Texas house. In that house, mom had made me a bedspread that was dark brown. I think originally she had made it using the opposite side of the fabric, which was a shiny taupe color. I hated it and asked her why she didn't use the opposite side, so she remade it. She used to just make me stuff all the time without asking me even if I wanted it. One time she made me a dress to wear to Homecoming. I didn't ask for it or really even want to wear it that night, but I did so I wouldn't hurt her feelings since she had spent so much time on it.

Nene said...

I meant to say: She made me stuff all the time without asking me even if I DIDN'T want it. :0)

Delirious said...

That's funny because when I was trying to remember the color of your room, I thought it was brown, but I thought, "Why would she choose brown of all colors?" I guess you didn't choose, Mom chose for you. lol

I do remember when I came home from Taiwan, Mom let me choose curtains and a bedspread for my room. It was the first time in my life that she ever let me decorate my own room. I suppose I could have used my own money to do it earlier, but I think by the time I was a teenager, I was so used to just having to live with whatever I had, that I didn't think about changing it. But this time I did choose a really wild fabric that had flowers and birds on it. It was dark blue and burgundy colors. When the light shown through it, it was beautiful. Mom had made a velour patchwork quilt that was in the same colors, so we just finished quilting it and I used that for a bedspread. The colors matched, even if the patterns didn't. lol

Amber said...

sisters rooms are funner than brother rooms - plus brother rooms usually smell bad ;P