Monday, July 20, 2009

Math Whiz

Our choir director is a mathmatician. I think that's part of what makes him such a great musician. I gave him a laugh the other day telling him about my math skills as a child. This is a very vivid memory of mine. I remember taking a math test in elementary school. For some reason, I took a liking to even numbers. I especially liked the number 2. I think it's because odd numbers were "odd". This one time, as I was taking the test, I remember wanting there to be more even answers than odd answers. I wanted the even numbers to "win" in the test. I purposefully changed some of the answers to be even numbers so that the evens would win. You can imagine that our choir director got a chuckle out of this. This must be why I never really gained good math skills. ;)


Amber said...

you should read "the strange incident of the dog in the night time" it's about a boy with autism that is a "rainman" with man, he talks about how numbers are emotions and characters to him, this blog made me think of that book

Amber said...

"rainman" with math, not man, sorry

Delirious said...

So that means I'm a "rainwoman"... lol