Friday, July 31, 2009

Imaginary Friends

When my daughter was little, she had several imaginary friends. Among them were: Congan, Pener, and Sia (a dog). Congan changed genders several times, so I was never quite sure, but I thought Congan was a boy. The reason I thought this is that there was a little boy up the street who was my daughter's age, and his name was Collin. I think Congan was a replacement for Collin, whom she didn't get to see very often. Congan stayed around a long time. Congan took the blame for many things, even cuts and bruises my daughter received. She played "Ring Around the Rosies" with Congan, and talked to him/her. After my second child was born, Congan slowly disappeared. I think once she had another playmate, she didn't need Congan anymore.

One day my mother and I were talking about my daughter's imaginary friends and my mother said, "You had imaginary friends growing up too. Your's were named Jaydie and Fraydie." When she said those names, it was just like she had named some of my closest friends. Even now, when I think of those names, I have a fond feeling for them. I do remember Jaydie and Fraydie, but until she reminded me, I had forgotten them. I knew they were imaginary, and I couldn't really see them, but I played and imagined as if they were real.

Did any of you have imaginary friends when you were young?


Nene said...

I didn't have an imaginary friend, at least not one I remember. But sometimes I think it would have been cool to have one. Maybe I'll invent an imaginary friend now....:0)

Inklings said...

Mom told me I had an imaginary friend and an imaginary dog, but I don't think she told me any names.

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

We are three brothers and the youngest, fourth is the sister. The two elder brothers, my younger brother and I never did. The third had and very affectionately called him "That" in our language. My sister had one too, and called her Meenakshi! In our language that means one with eyes like fish.

Now that I am older, and a bit knowledgeable about our philosophy, "That" is a very powerful concept. I wonder how that little boy came up with that!

Amber said...

I don't remember having any - i think it's neat when kids have imaginary friends and i always wonder if they're really imaginary or if we just can't see them