Friday, July 24, 2009

Finger Guard

So I actually sprained my finger pretty badly the other day. It swelled up pretty good in the larger joint of the firnger the first 3 days, but today is better. But now the swelling has moved to the smaller joint, and it is purple. I can bend the larger joint now, but not the smaller.

I sure hope this joint heals as fast as the other one because I have to play a special choir number on Sunday. It's called, "Create in Me a Clean Heart", and is a prayer by King David. I tried to find a youtube clip of it, but all I could find were hip hop versions, and country versions of the same title. This version is very moving, and a favorite of the choir. The choir director wants me to play it on the organ for special effect. I practiced the other day when my finger was all swollen, and was able to play, but I think I just wasn't using that finger much. But I sure would feel better if my finger was better by then.

I did buy one of those finger guards to protect my finger from further injury. But what I don't like about it is that it holds your finger totally straight. When I take it off, it's difficult to bend even the good joint. It sure makes me appreciate my fingers more. My husband's grandmother had very arthritic fingers that were all bent and curved, but she was still an excellent pianist even in her old age. But I need good fingers because I'm not as good as pianist as her. :) It will be interesting to see how things go on Sunday


Inklings said...

Good luck with that. I did say a prayer for you as soon as I read this blog.

Delirious said...

Thank you! I need all the prayers I can get! :)

Amber said...

I hope it feels better soon and you are able to play with it! :)