Friday, July 24, 2009

Adding Pictures to a Blog

I have come a long way since I started this blog. I'm really not very educated about computers, but I kind of learned by doing. I wanted to give some tips about adding pictures to a post.

1. I always use the "Edit Html" tab when writing my posts. You can't see the actual picture when you use it, but it helps me to get my picture in the right place.

2. When you add a picture to a post, it will automatically be posted at the top of your post. If you look at the Html code, you will see that it starts with a "a" and ends with "a" You can highlight the entire code, beginning with the "a" and ending with the "a", (Also include the sideways carrots...not sure what they are called, but I couldn't show you because blogger thinks I'm trying to put in a code)then cut it and paste it where you want it in the post.

3. Whenever you post a picture, you may write whatever you want directly above the picture code, and it will look like this.

I typed directly above the code.

4. If you want your text directly below the picture, you have to leave a space between the picture code and your text. It will look like this.

I left a large space under the picture code before typing in this text.

5. I usually just eyeball it and guess how much space to leave. Then I publish my post and check to see if I got it right. If the text is wrapped around the picture, I count how many lines are wrapped around the picture, and go back in and edit my post, putting in that many more spaces between the picture code and my text. Here is an example of what it looks like if you DON'T put in enough spaces.

A special thanks to Charlie and Duke for being my models. :)

6. There are times when I like my text to be on the side of the picture, and times I don't. If you find there is too much space between your picture and your text, simply delete some of those spaces.
7. If you use the COMPOSE button, you won't get a good idea for how your text and pictures are spaced. It shows you one thing, but when you publish it, it does something different.

I hope this helped. I wish I could have put in a sample code to show you better, but blogger wouldn't let me. Good luck, and email me if you have any questions!


Inklings said...

I am guilty of all the wrong ways to post a picture, but some of your instructions still sound like Greek to me, the technology handicapped. :0)

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

I too am clueless about computers and depend on my son to sort out most problems. I however use WordPress which makes blogging very easy including posting pictures.

Inklings said...

I was playing around with it last night to add the Red Canyon pictures and I think I figured it out.

Nene said...

I know how to do all of this, but I am guilty of being lazy and not worrying about labeling every picture. :0+