Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hunting Watercress

Since my mother had her surgery, she hasn't had much of an appetite. The first night I visited her, my brother gave her a watercress sandwich, one of my mother's favorite foods. She ate the entire sandwich, whereas normally she might have only eaten half. The next meal we had deli sandwiches and I asked her what she wanted on hers so that I could make it for her. She said, "Do we have any more watercress?" We didn't, so she just ate it without. So I took my son up to the bridge to look for more watercress. I found what I thought was watercress. We carefully cleaned it (added a tad of clorox to kill any liver flukes) and then tasted it. It was spicy like watercress, but didn't have the same taste. My brother Sticks, who is a modern day mountain man, went back with me to the river and told me that what I had picked was a type of lily. He then showed me where the best watercress grew. My mother got one more watercress sandwich out of that bunch. It made me happy that we could find something that she wanted to eat.

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Amber said...

I'm so glad ya'll did that, not only did you help her to eat but you also made her happy and probably feel more loved and cared for :)