Monday, May 25, 2009

Star Trek

I saw Star Trek tonight with my son. I loved it! I thought they did a really good job at capturing the essence of the original characters. They didn't copy them exactly, but they did enough to make most of them believable. I thought that a couple of them in particular really were good, like Dr. McCoy. I think I don't see enough movies though because I haven't been desensitized to action. I have learned that I should probably try to sit away from other people because I yelp when something scary happens. But I really liked this movie. I came away feeling like I had really watched Star Trek! :)


Max said...

Hey D!

At least you liked it! Many people have been complaining that it is not that good, but I like the trailer and found it quite refreshing.


Christina Bess said...

I'm not sure if I've ever watched a full episode of Star Trek but I've heard from everyone the movie is good so I'll probably have to check it out.

Nene said...

I loved the movie, although it did take me until almost the end to warm up to Captain Kirk. BTW, you look much better as an officer than I did.