Friday, May 29, 2009

And the Fight Goes On....

None of us that live in California are surprised by the news I read today. I received an email from a conservative group that I follow (Liberty Counsel. This is what part of the email said:

"The ink wasn't even dry on the California Supreme Court's decision upholding the people's vote to preserve marriage...when two of the nation's highest profile lawyers went to federal court to block the decision!
One of the attorneys is Ted Olson, former Solicitor Generalfor the Bush Administration. In what was clearly a carefully premeditated legal strike, Olson has teamed with David Boies, the lawyer who argued for Al Gore in the "Bush v. Gore"Supreme Court decision following the 2000 election.
Olson and Boies have turned this state legal battle into a federal confrontation that, if they are successful,would create a nationwide constitutional right to homosexual marriage!"

Frankly, I think this could also work against them. If they take this to the federal level and LOSE, then that will settle a lot of state questions. It's hard to say how it could go. Our world is becoming increasingly more wicked, and our society is losing it's moral compass. Religion is being battered on every side, and currently is the "unpolitically correct" course to follow. I know we've been there before many times, but I do think that persecution of Christians is going to increase.

The GLBT's agenda is to normalize homosexual relations, no matter now unnormal they may be. Sometimes when I see the increase in homosexuality, I wonder what evolutionists are thinking. Could this be considered evolution? If so, the extinction of mankind is written on the wall.

One last thing. I read a comment on Looney's blog by a lesbian who said straight out that the reason she is lesbian is because she has been treated badly by men. She said she isn't interested in sex. (I wouldn't be either if I had a same gender partner) I don't mean to belittle her, I feel very sorry for her. But my point in mentioning that is that she is proof that gays aren't necessarily "born that way", as they would like us to believe. Most lesbian women I know are lesbian for the same reason. They just don't trust men. But how will her children, if she adopts or uses a sperm bank, be able to learn that heterosexuality and man/woman marriages work? They certainly won't see that example in their own home. I will never be convinced that homosexuality, and same gender marriage are good for society, or for children.

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Axlle said...

Never thought I'd be cheering on bush staffers, but for my own personal greed. Go, Go, Go.