Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

In Latter-day saint theology, we have modern revelation that tells us that Jesus' actual birthday was April 6th. I think most scholars will agree that He wasn't really born on December 25th. So when I think about Easter, I also think about the Savior's birthday, which is in the same month.

At Christmas time, we often ask the children what gift they would give Jesus if they could. I think the best gift we can give to our Savior is to make use of His atoning sacrifice. All of us will be resurrected, that is a gift to us that comes with no effort on our part. But the sacrifice He paid for our sins benefits us only as we repent and rely upon His grace.

At Easter time, I think about the suffering that the Savior experienced. He suffered more than any ordinary man could endure. He suffered so much that He bled at every pore. He did this because He loves us, and because His sacrifice was crucial to the Father's plan for us. He didn't have to do it, He had His free will. But even when the suffering was at its greatest, He still chose to endure for our sake.

If we don't use this gift of repentance, then His suffering for us will have been in vain on our part. Can you imagine how He feels? He is saying, and pleading to us, "Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." He pleads with us to make use of this price that he has already paid. It is like a spiritual credit, just waiting for us to do our part to obtain it. The greatest gift we can give to the Savior is to make use of His sacrifice for us.

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