Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friends May Come and Go, But Family is Forever

When all of my kids were living at home, it seemed like the worst punishment in the world for them was to have to spend time together. They fought and bickered, and complained about each other's smells. They hated it when we made them go on a road trip. They didn't like being that close to each other, even though in the end they had a very good time. As they have gotten older, they have started to appreciate each other more.

My oldest son is just finishing up his first semester at BYU. My daughter has been there for several years. It is has been so nice to see them spend time together at BYU. They went hiking up to the Y on the mountain together. They have gone shopping and to basketball games together. My daughter has been dragging my son along on film shoots where he has acted as an extra, or has helped with other aspects of the filming. They have planned to go tomorrow in person to general conference in Salt Lake City.

It's so nice to see my kids be friends with each other of their own initiative. It's so nice that they appreciate what it means to be family. I hope that years from now, when they are old and gray, and I am gone, that they will still enjoy each other.

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Lindsay-Weaver said...

I think it's my Mom that told me this:

If you think about it, your sibling relationship is your longest relationship (hopefully). That's a pretty strong bond. I'm grateful that I can be friends with all of my siblings, and live close to most of them. I even consider Nativeminnow close, because in reality, he's just a few hour's drive.