Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

This was such a busy Easter for me. Sunday morning my husband didn't have to attend his normal church meetings, just bishopric meeting, so we had a laid back morning as a family. Our tradition is the same that my family had when I was young. The kids hunt easter candy that is hidden all over the house. I don't make easter baskets for them. We had dyed eggs the day before. You will notice in the picture that we even made one for Sally. lol (but I'm not going to give it to her :)

Our church services start at 11:30, with Sacrament meeting first. They had one speaker, then our choir took up the remainder of the time. Our choir program lasted for about 30 minutes. I play for choir practice every week for an hour. But this program, except for a short scripture reading in the middle, was constant playing. By the time I finished, my arms were so tired! Our choir director felt that this was the best the choir had performed these songs.

Most of the songs were composed by him. He is VERY talented. He had written this Easter cantata some years ago, and tried to sell it but hasn't yet. But I thought it was awesome, and some of the songs are very moving. One song is about the thirty pieces of silver that Judas received. That was the common price given for a slave in those days. Another of the songs focused on when Jesus gave the disciples the ordinance of the Sacrament. Another focused on His conversation with Peter when Peter adamantly stated that he would never deny the Savior, followed by the Savior telling him that he would deny him thrice. Another song focused on the crucifixion. We also began the service by singing "God so loved the world" The last song was titled, "Easter Morn, Sing Allelujah", and was a great finale. I also had a brief interlude that I played. I think I'm forgetting a song... Anyway, being part of the choir, and being part of the message we presented was the highlight of my Easter Sunday. It was actually difficult at times to control our emotions while performing.

After church, I stayed to play the organ for the spanish branch's sacrament meeting. They don't currently have a pianist or organist. I have worked with them alot over the past couple of years and I have gotten to know many of them, so I do enjoy being with them, even if I can't understand the talks.

When I got home from church, my husband was busy in the kitchen and already had Easter dinner started. The ham was in the oven, and he was making scalloped potatoes. Because of time constraints, I didn't get the strawberry shortcake made, so I think I'll make it tonight. I also forgot to make deviled eggs. I can you have Easter dinner without deviled eggs? I'll make some for dinner tonight.

Our neighborhood has an Easter egg hunt every year. In years past we have had lots of kids involved, but since three of those have gone to college, and some weren't able to come, we had very few this year. It will be hard if we ever get to the point that our kids don't want to have an Easter egg hunt. Maybe by then we will have some grandkids. We all enjoy this activity together. It was one of the nicest Easters I've had for awhile. I think what made it great was that even though it was busy, it wasn't rushed, and we could really enjoy every part of it.


Christina Bess said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. Shyla wasn't too happy after church so we had to postpone egg hunting until today! The Easter bunny ate breakfast with us yesterday morning so that was fun. The choir program yesterday was great, we all enjoyed it.

Nene said...

Our bishop thought it was Fast Sunday, didn't look at his stake calendar. Then when he got to church, found out it wasn't. The Stake President is in our ward. So he asked the congregation to bear their testimonies of the Savior. Next week we'll have another testimony meeting. It was nice, but I really missed the music. But then this ward doesn't have a choir. Sad...

Amber said...

That does sound like a really nice easter! :)

Becky said...

I wish I could have heard your choir! I bet it was great. And I'm glad you felt like it was a relaxing day. Ours was too.