Friday, April 10, 2009

Brannan Island

We had to go out to Brannan Island to check out a camping spot today, so I took my camera along. These pictures look much better if you click on them to view bigger. This first picture is of a cormorant. The second is of a blue heron I saw.

The next picture is one I took for Looney I took it out the car window as I drove past, so it's a little blurry lol.

This is a hazy picture of Mt. Diablo from the Antioch bridge. I told my husband that I don't think the industrial plant on the water is a very welcoming sight to people who might be considering moving here. ;)

I saw a flock of egrets, but when I got out of the car, they skeedaddled.

This is another blurry picture of a pheasant I saw. I just need a better zoom.

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Looney said...

You are getting better at this. Hope you can get the zoom.