Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seminary Routine

Well, instead of posting in the comment section, I decided to make a separate post about seminary.

Because I'm not an early morning person, and tire easily if I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep, I shower the night before. I am one of those people that can do that and still have my hair turn out okay the next morning. So it just takes me a few minutes with a curling iron, and a few minutes to put on makeup and clothes.

I get up at 5:30, and usually have a few minutes to check my email before I leave at about 6:10. Seminary starts at 6:30, and most of my students don't get there until about 6:40. I'm not really strict because my own kids were usually later than that when they drove themselves. I'm just happy if they get there for the major portion of the lesson.

A few months back my son and I started taking a cup of hot chocolate with us every morning to drink on our way to seminary. We both got kind of tired of it after awhile. But then I noticed that every morning, when I was standing in front of the class teaching, my stomach would start to growl. Now, I'm not talking by a polite lady-like grumble. I'm talking about one of those marathon growls that seems to go on forever. From that day on, I have continued the hot chocolate tradition just so that I have something in my stomach. I'm sure that when the weather warms up, so will my choice of drink.

I usually get there 10-15 minutes early. It would be nice to get there sooner, but I can't always get my son moving fast enough. I unlock the cupboard where their seminary scriptures are stored. If I need to, I get a DVD player from the library, or any pictures I need.

I try to end my lessons promptly at 7:20. I put away everything and lock up the cupboards. I usually get home just in time to make lunches/breakfasts, and get my youngest out the door. I drop my high schooler off, then walk the dog. By 10:00 I'm exhausted. lol

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Nene said...

Your Seminary starts later than ours did. We started at 6am and got out at 6:50. I keep trying to tailor my routine to cut it down. One of these days I will