Thursday, March 05, 2009

Prop.8 Oral Arguments

I decided not to attend the Supreme Court hearings today in San Francisco. I decided I should attend to my duties teaching seminary instead of finding a sub. But I did watch the hearing online. I have to say that I was surprised at how it went. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the comments of the judges that supported the democratic vote. I was surprised to hear the panic and anger in the voice of the opposition's lawyers. I was also surprised at their speechlessness. I felt like they couldn't find the words at times to answer the judges' questions. On the contrary, I thought Ken Starr did an AWESOME job defending our position. He was confident, he was calm, and he knew his stuff. Justice Kennard was also wonderful! She is one tough cookie and doesn't put up with any nonsense. Going in to this hearing I was nervous, but coming out I feel more confident. I feel like for me this was an exercise of faith. I feel like God is saying to me, "Oh ye of little faith". I prayed for the judges and the lawyers, but I really still felt that people have their free agency, and the judges would still be free to judge how they wanted. But I never considered that God could inspire our lawyers, and "uninspire" the opposition's lawyers. Seriously....they were speechless at times. So the lesson for me is to keep praying, but exercise a little more faith. I do believe that faith without works is dead, but I did the works before the vote. Now I need to sit back and just use a little faith.


JJJ said...

Interesting, if you have the full link to both sides talking let me know, i can only find small snips of kenn star but not enough to get the feel for what was going on.

Delirious said...

Here is the link to the blog that gave me the information. You can watch it online on her blog.

Nene said...

When I was in the airport I heard a lady on her cellphone say: "So how was Seminary this morning?" :0)