Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Nation, Under God

I watched "Apollo 13" today while I was working around the house. I actually only caught the last hour of it. I've seen it before though and think it is a really inspiring story. It was interesting today as I watched it again, to see some of the original newscasts about the apollo 13 mission. At one point, one of the newscasters said that the government had called for a national day of prayer on behalf of the astronauts. How far we have strayed from those days! How sad it is for me to live in a country that used to fear God, and pray to Him, but now wants to wipe out every trace of religion. Last night we were reading from the Bible about how the children of Israel made a golden calf to worship. I told my husband that I could never understand how a person could fashion a idol, then worship it. Why would they want to pray to something that they knew they had created, and knew wasn't really a god. My husband said that worshipping an idol is much easier than worshipping the true God. But I do believe that when God said, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me", He was referring not only to idols, but to other "gods" that we "worship" instead of Him. I miss the days when my country worshipped God, and relied on Him for help and protection. I worry that because of the iniquity of some, the judgements of God will be brought down upon this land. The only thing I can do is try to teach others, and pray for them. I wish they would pray too.


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Two observations Delirious. I have been brought up in a system that does not fear God. It encourages love of God and surrendering to His will. The second - ""Thou shalt have no other gods before me" could also be interpreted as there is nothing other than God. Not that there is one God, but Only God. If you can see yourself agreeing to that hypothesis, then everything is worthy of worship as nothing can be different from God. It is simply a matter of the emotion involved in worship.

The tone that as a nation we pray for the safety of something important having gone into history however is a sad development. Politically correct behavior seems to deny the truth, not only in your country, but in ours too.

Delirious said...

The term "fear God" can be very misleading. It doesn't necessarily mean to be afraid of Him, but it means to do exactly what you said, to surrender to His will and be obedient.

I still believe that politically correct or not, we should still believe in God as a nation. That is what our nation was founded upon. Our forefathers came to this land to worship God freely, and interjected this belief in to our very constitution. Further, in my religion we believe that our freedom as a nation is dependent upon our "fearing" God. When this nation loses this moral compass, we lose the blessings that God has bestowed upon this land.

Amber said...

i agree with you - i think the country felt alot more united then, i think by striving to be so politically correct all the time we really separate from each other further

Axlle said...

well first, now we can't have a day of prayer because it sounds like we're forcing people who don't pray, to do so. Not very PC. Second, Theres another commandment your leaving out. Thou shalt not make gods of silver and gold. Which means idols. And those include. (something that bugs me) crosses, sculptures, and so forth. Most people pass this one over, so I thought I'd through it in here. Past that, I agree, the country was founded on religion. And we've strayed a long way.