Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strive to Bless, Not Impress

We had stake conference today and one speaker said we should never strive to impress, but to bless in our service in the church. I have thought a lot about this. I think so many times people are more concerned about how they will appear and perform than by whether or not they are actually blessing the lives of others. One example would be my service playing the piano for choir. It would be easy to worry and focus my thoughts on how well I would play, and how I would appear. But I think it is more healthy to focus on how I am helping the choir. It would be so easy when giving a talk in church to worry about appearing to be a wonderful speaker, than focusing on the message. We heard many great things today in stake conference, but this idea will stick with me for years I'm sure.


Looney said...

It is a wonderful dilemma. A certain degree of excellence is needed in order to bless, but this excellence (at least for me) is usually achieved by a desire to impress.

Inklings said...

That's a good point and something to think about. Thanks for sharing.