Friday, February 13, 2009

Seminary Games

Every Friday I have "Fun Friday" at seminary. We use that day to practice "Scripture mastery". They have 25 key scriptures that they need to learn, and know where to find. I try to do different activities and games to help them learn them and practice finding them. At the end of the year, the students from all over this area will have the opportunity to compete to see which class knows these key scriptures the best.

Recently, the main office sent me some ideas and helps for teaching scripture mastery. I got an idea for a game to play with my class. It went over really well, and I think it could be adapted for family home evening, or other classes.

I divided the class up in to two groups. They were situated opposite each other on either side of the room. I put a line of masking tape on the floor in front of each group. Each team had a small table. I also gave each group a stack of newspaper, cut in rectangles.

To begin the game, I gave one team a clue for one of the scriptures. Everyone on the team needed to find the scripture. While they were looking, the other team could make paper airplanes and fly them across the room. If they crossed the masking tape line with their airplane, they would get 1 point. If they landed it on the table, they got 5 points. They could make and throw as many airplanes as they could until the other team members all found the scripture.

There were a few kinks. For one, the newspaper was pretty thin, so the planes didn't fly well. I should have had them use two sheets. Second, some of them didn't know how to make paper airplanes. I thought all kids grew up instinctively knowing how. Third, some of them didn't know how to throw them. So I think this could be adapted a little. One kid suggested we just throw paper balls, but I didn't think I could keep count of points that way. The planes were fun though. I might try it for a family home evening.

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JJJ said...

didnt know how to make or throw paper airplanes? My god our society is truely coming to an end.
what are they teaching them in schools these days math, science, and other useless things!

Maybe we should get togather and form a new bill to pass.
we shall call it Prop b-52 and force all schools to have to teach the art of origami planes.

Heh, but on a serious note i knew many people that didnt know how to make them growing up. throwing them though?? i guess these are the people who failed recess? :p