Friday, February 20, 2009

Scripture Mastery Games

Today we played a new scripture mastery game that was really fun. I had been given a packet of ideas by the head office, and we have had fun trying some of them. Today we played Battleship. I have to tell you that in preparation I found a kids site online where you can play battleship. That is VERY addicting!! lol I made two game boards with three ships each. I have a room that has a curtain partition so that you can divide the room in to two classes. I pulled the curtain part way closed so that each team had a chalkboard to use without being able to see the other chalkboard. They put their game board up on the board, and would use magnets to show where they had fired. One team used red magnets for hits, and yellow for misses.

I gave everyone a scripture clue. The first team to find the scripture got to shoot. If they "hit" one of the other team's ships, then they got a chance for another turn. I gave only that team another clue. But I required that EVERYONE on the team had to find the scripture, and only gave them 30 seconds. I allowed them to help each other find it. If they got another hit, I would give them another clue and let them hit again. If they missed, I gave both teams the next clue.

This worked really well and everyone had fun. I even had kids participating who don't normally like to play these games. I know it sounds wimpy to allow them to help each other find the scriptures, but since I started doing this occasionally, I have noticed that they are learning the scriptures better. One of the students has always been really good at scripture chase. She used to usually win. She went on vacation for two weeks. When she came back this week, she found that the other students had improved so much that she had tougher competition.

This game was really fun, and both teams did really well. I think we might try playing it again some time in the future!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. My seminary class only has 2 students, though... but maybe I could make it work. Thanks for sharing!