Thursday, February 19, 2009

Minority Vs. Majority

"Assemblymember Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles), Chair of the Judiciary Committee stated, “Today, I am proud to join my colleagues in speaking out on the key civil rights issue of this generation. California’s most cherished principle - equal treatment under the law, which includes the right to marry - must remain enshrined in the California Constitution. If a simple majority vote is allowed to strip away rights from a group of individuals, no one’s fundamental rights are safe.” quote from Beetleblogger's blog

I beg to differ with Mr. Feuer. When in the history of our country has the voice of the minority been given priority? That's what our vote is for! We bring things to a vote so that we can find out whether or not the majority of the people agree! If they had an issue with the constitutionality of this vote, they should have brought it up BEFORE the election. This was the SECOND time we have voted on this issue, and the SECOND time that the majority of the people voted AGAINST same sex marriage.

They might argue that it is a civil right. I think prostitutes could make the same case in asking that prostitution be made legal. But that doesn't mean that our society wants prostitution made legal. Some things are moral issues, and we as a society choose to vote against them because we don't want our society influenced by them. One might argue that same sex marriage and prostitution are very different issues, but in the minds of many religious people, they are equal on the morality scale.

Time will tell if our Supreme Court really is supreme, or if they are just more political activists. Were we, or were we not within our legal rights to vote on this issue? I believe we were, but will the judges have the courage to agree?

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Looney said...

I fully expect depravity to be established as California's official god before too long. The quote that you gave certainly indicates that Democracy is now viewed as the minority lording it over the majority. Whatever is true must be negated.

What does bug me is the degree to which those who love good are divided, but those who love evil are united.