Friday, February 13, 2009

In Season

We live in an affluent society where we can find most foods available all year. We get imports from Mexico and other countries, so can have nice tomatoes even in the middle of winter. Most fruits and vegetables can be bought any time of the year, for a price. I always like to take advantage of whatever is in season. It seems that by the time the season has ended, we have had our fill. Here are some things that are in season right now.

Crab (this wasn't a good crab season though, so they are more expensive than normal. Most years we can get a nice big crab for about $5. This year they are closer to $8)

Strawberries....Once again, by the time the season ends, we have had our fill.

Artichokes...Usually these are like $3 or $4 EACH! But right now we can get them about $1 each.

Winter is Clementine season and I usually buy boxes of them to eat, they are so good. I have to admit I didn't get my fill this year, even though I ate alot of them.

Summer brings tomatoes and figs. We have fig trees at a neighboring park, so when I can I go pick figs.

I can't wait to start my garden so that I can enjoy all of the summer vegetables.


Amber said...

I really would like to have a vegetable garden one year. When Rich and I had our house the first spring we planted a cherry and an apple tree, I wonder know if they're giving fruit yet.

Valorosa said...

We are patiently and some impatiently awaiting spring and all the wonderful flavours that local fruit and veggies brings.

Still snow on the ground though.

How nice to be able to pick figs!!!

No such animal growing here LOL

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I wish we had better produce here. Tomatoes pretty much suck to buy at the grocery stores here in the winter. I bought some last week and made BLTs, and they didn't have the "right" flavor. :) Sam's Club sells good grape tomatoes, though. (Probably shipped from CA. lol)