Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good for the Heart

I don't know if this is what people would expect for a Valentine's Day post, but I went to give blood today and ended up getting a refresher course on CPR.

A young man we know was working on his Eagle project today, and chose to do a blood drive for his project. I went with the intent of giving blood, but my iron was too low, so I couldn't. But they had a class on CPR that I did attend. The man who taught it is a friend of ours, and often teaches these clinics for the Red Cross.

The last time I had a course on CPR I was in college. That was some 22 years ago. Back then, they actually taught it slightly differently. It was nice to be updated and have a chance to practice. He had some practice dummies for us to use, and even had a defribulater. I had never been taught about defribulaters, but after this instruction, I feel confident that I could use one. This wasn't a certification course, but because I had been taught before, it helped me.

I wish I could have given blood, but I'm happy that I could learn a skill that could benefit others some day. Maybe if I can find a class, I'll go get certified.

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Othersideblue said...

yeah giving blood may save a life.

It's great to think of other's like you did on a Valentine day.

This was a delicate example of kindness; you are a kind soul!

i also have a caring heart, not a terrorist i assure ya :P