Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Things; Good Things

Today I went to Sacramento to attend the Senate hearing about Prop. 8. Let me give you the "good" and "bad" highlights.

Bad: It was raining cats and dogs on the way
Good: I saw a field full of hundreds of Egrets

Bad: I took several wrong turns and got there too late to get in to the hearing.
Good: I got there just as they were convening a press conference to honor Captain "Sully" who safely landed the plane in the Hudson river. (Who knew he was Californian?) I was more excited to see him than I was to see our Governor Shwarzenegger.

Good: I got a few pictures of our beautiful capitol building
Bad: In the process, my camera battery died.

Good: I was about 5 feet away when Gov. Arnold and Capt. Sully came in the room.
Bad: I couldn't stand that I couldn't take a picture.

Good: I saw some church friends who had made it in to the hearing.
Bad: They weren't allowed to speak during the hearing.

Good: I was given a California flag to wave (I gave it away to a child).
Bad: The second hearing was postponed to an unknown time.

Good: I got a chance to see a real hero up close
Bad: I couldn't stay longer than two hours because of parking limits.

Bad: I saw some of the "No on 8" people gloating.
Bad: The Senate voted to write their recomendation that Prop.8 was unconstitutional
sorry...couldn't think of a good for this one.

Good: The issue will now be brought before the supreme court.
Bad: The supreme court is full of activist judges.

Good: I didn't get a parking ticket
Bad: I accidentally turned the wrong way on a one way street (couldn't see the sign in all of the rain) I didn't know until the cars started honking at me. lol

Bad: It was pouring rain all the way home from Sacramento
Good: I got home safely.

Bad: Arnold Shwarzenegger supports same sex marriage
Good: He may not make wise choices, but he is gorgeous in real life. lol (So is his wife.) And frankly, that is saying something because I never thought of him that way on the big screen.

Good: I wore my yellow shirt to show my support of Prop 8.
Bad: I never did meet up with the other supporters.


Max said...

Hi D!!

So, you went to the senate, eh? That is what I like about the US: the people can participate in these things, and actually influence the course of action. Unfortunately, here in Portugal, we can't always participate and our reach to influence the affairs of the state is very limited (a pseudo-democracy at its worse).

LOL LOL girl, I loved your bad/good listing...you kill me!

However, let's see how this prop 8 issue will end up...I hope you guys win.


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

You have been very busy blogging and I with a whole lot of domestic chores that has kept me away from visiting my blog friends.

Arnold is one of my favourites. Many in India cannot pronounce his name and he is called very affectionately as Shivaji Nagar, which is a locality in Pune! I like his "I will be back" sign off!

Inklings said...

Interesting experience, glad you didn't have an accident on the one way street. :0)

Amber said...

don't feel bad, when i was a new driver i had to go downtown one day to pick up one of my best friends who was joining the military and i didn't know there even WERE one way streets so I drove maybe two car lengths down the wrong way on one of them before I turned around, well this man who i guess saw the whole thing got out of his car at the next stoplight and came up to my window and proceeded to chew me out (needless to say i didn't roll down the window) but it was many years before I felt comfortable driving down there again LOL

Othersideblue said...

hi ..
Thank you for adding my link in your profile, this way i wont get lost again i hope :)

Pearl said...

I was there! Also arrived late. Ended up in the cafe overflow. Bummer that we didn't meet up. Ironically, I was walking around with a huge, rainbow colored umbrella. :0) I'm reclaiming the rainbow, I guess. Ha ha.