Monday, January 12, 2009


Today I attended the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers meeting. We learned today that when Utah finally became a state, the residents held a huge celebration. A giant flag was hand made and hung from the ceiling of the Salt Lake Tabernacle. A star was sewn on to represent Utah's admission to the states. A light was placed carefully above so that when it shown, it lighted up the new star on the flag. Later, this same flag was hung from the side of the Salt Lake temple. It took 5 women 7 days, working 8 hours a day, to sew the flag.

We heard another story about a flag that was brought across the plains by some of the pioneers. Although they had few other posessions, they valued the American flag and lovingly brought one with them.

I wish that more people in our country today understood flag etiquette and how to show proper respect for the flag. Most people don't know that they should stand with their hand over their heart when the flag is passing by. Those in uniform may salute. Men not in uniform should remove their hats. When the national anthem is sung, people should also hold their hands over their hearts.

I think the symbolism of holding the hand over the heart is very touching. We do this to symbolize the love that we have for that thing. We hold that thing dear. Our forefathers understood the price of liberty, and showed proper respect for this country and it's flag. I hope that all of us in this generation can show equal respect for this nation and those who founded it.


Nene said...

I'm glad you posted this. Being an ex-Boy Scout leader, I know what you're supposed to do, but I see so many people who do not know. Mabye we all need to "pass the word".

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Delirious, I am glad to see this. I find the American flag being misused often and wonder what makes some one do that. I see clothes made out of it, people painting their nude bodies with its design, bottom and top portions of bikinis made with the stars and stripes etc. Perhaps a movement to restore some respect for it is called for in the USA.

Inside Stories said...

I'm also a former scout leader, so I agree with the sentiments you posted here.
I remember when I was wrking at a middle school and we had the pedge of allegiance one day. Several of my hispanic students refused to stand. They said they loved Mexico and thought our country and our flag was stupid. I told them I would stand in respect for their flag if I was in Mexico, and I expected them to do the same for the country that was educating them. And feeding them, because they were receiving both free breakfast and free lunch at school.
We need to show respect for our flag and country, and for all the flags and countries of the world

Max said...

Hi D!

Unfortunately, people all around the world lost pride in their flag and in their nation...which is a shame!

Somehow, respecting the flag/nation became a symbol of fascism...which couldn't be farther from the truth *nodding*!

Excellent post, darling!


Amber said...

I was raised in Texas and Texas has a lot of state and country pride and I guess that's where I learned my flag etiquette from too it makes me mad when I see people flying flags that are all ripped and shredded, and when flags are still flying in bad weather, and when flags are at half-mast for people's own personal reasons. I also agree that if you LIVE in this country you need to show respect for it and put your hand over your heart!

JJJ said...

With the way the US is set up to support freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Sadly the use of the flag as mention by Mr. Ramana is seen as acceptable.

Not to mention the recent years of "conflict and peace keeping" in foreign country where our men and boys die helping people. The media shows only the protests about Anti American protests and you get set in this, We are helping people that do not want to be help. Having your fathers, mothers, brothers , and sisters dieing for freedom in a (media idea) country where we are not wanted definitely puts people against the idea of nationalism.

I have a lot of pride in my country, but i can not say i have that same pride for those that run it. Slowly and steadily the government seems to be corrupted by those that have the money to be noticed. While those that don't have the funds are normally unable to make any running at anything. Thusly you have a hierarchy of Upper class people who are more important, at least to the running of the country. I think this is where a lot of people loose this feeling of nationalism. In recent years the republic has seemed to be a Theocracy or Feudalism state since it was seeming passed down from father to son, and the amount of religious pull there seems to be when it comes to voting and planning actions.

I still salute the flag and thank the vets when i see either. Of course i was introduced to this, where as most children these days are not even taught basic etiquette and this is just getting worse and out of hand. Most likely this is the #1 reason.