Friday, January 16, 2009


Since we took our son to college, I have noticed a difference in how much food we eat. I also began telling people that I noticed that we don't have as many leftovers. It's weird that having one less person would make that much of a difference. I think it's because when you have 4 people, you cook what the recipe calls for. But if you have 5 people, you have to double the recipe to make sure you have enough.

On Sunday I made steak, but didn't eat a full one myself. We had mashed potatoes and ...can't remember what else. I usually chat online with my siblings on Sunday nights at 7:00. I was late getting dinner on the table, so I fixed a plate of food and took it upstairs to eat while chatting. After we were done chatting, I was still feeling a little hungry. My husband said there was some leftover steak and potatoes on the table still. I went downstairs to get some, but found it was all gone! My two sons are growing, so I guess they eat more right now.

The other night my husband was late coming home for dinner, so I left the food on the table. We had to leave for awhile. When we came back, my husband still wasn't home, but the food was gone. I guess my dog must be growing too. And I guess you don't have as many leftovers when your dog gets up to the table and slicks them up.....

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Amber said...

it's amazing to me how much boys eat - little Caleb who is 7 eats more than Kaleb and I put together sometimes, and he is a skinny little boy! last friday night he ate 9 pieces of pizza! i told kaleb maybe he had worms, because i just don't see where he puts it all! and he is almost NEVER full he is always complaining of being hungry!