Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just When I Thought Our School Couldn't Get Any Worse

So lately I've been complaining about our school's problems.

Here are the ones I have been complaining about:

--We have to pay two principal salaries instead of one because the District Supervisor decided to follow the "two principal model". Too bad they only do the work of one principal....or maybe almost one principal.

--They make the students wear identification lanyards, and if they forget they get a detention. If they forget to go to the detention, they get Saturday school. If they forget Saturday school they get suspended for two days. The VP told me they aren't suspending for this any more, but my teacher friend who works there said the teachers hadn't been notified of this fact.

--The VP's were moved from each house to the main office. Now if trouble arises, the teachers have no one nearby to help.

--There is so little security, that in the event of an emergency, there wouldn't be enough people to manage the situation. In addition, 4 out of the 5 security people are older women. The fifth I'm told is a very large, very slow moving man.

Here is what I have found out in recent days about our school and school district.

--The District Supervisor has come down with a mandate that the schools ease up on suspensions, especially of the "at risk" students.

--The District Supervisor eliminated the "zero tolerance" policy about drugs!! I guess that makes the no suspensions rule easier to follow.

--Recently a student in our district stole a credit card from a teacher and ran up $600 on it. The District Supervisor gave the student a 5 days suspension for that. My question is, was that adequate punishment??

--Our school is on the "failing" list for California schools because of our plummeting test scores.

I have been out spoken in the community about this recently. I actually got a piece of hate mail yesterday. It was so stupid it was laughable. I actually wonder if it is from the VP that I talked with. I do think it's important to raise awareness. I hope this community can get rid of this current supervisor, and fix the co-principal issue.


JJJ said...

It sounds like they want to keep the trouble makers which tend to be minorities and white wannabe's off the street and in school. Which is good for them, but bad for the typical child who is actually trying to learn be they minority or not.

When i was younger they had places for them called juvenile hall or in some cases prison.

I personally think the majority of the problems come from most children not being taught how to behave these days, where parents want to be friends with their child and allow them to run loose and free to achieve this.

Your area and most seem completely backwards when it comes to rules and penalties. Easing up on out of control problem children is the exact opposite of what they need. Being able to get away with what ever now just feeds the mind that its okay to not listen to laws, rules, or elders. I believe this will only lead to future prison cells more clustered then they are ready are. Since they are getting a false sense of "its no biggy i can get off this with no problem" mentality, and are never taught or shown real life penalties for bad judgment.

Author said...

What a horrible situation, especially the elimination of the zero tolerance policy on drugs! Good luck!

-Square Peg Guy