Tuesday, January 06, 2009


On New Year's Day I spent my time in the house talking to my mother and sister. My kids spent the day outside playing in the snow. In the evening when we left to go to the Bunco party in town, when I came outside I saw what my kids had been working on that day. They made this igloo. It's kind of small, but I thought it turned out pretty neat. I wonder if you could really stay warm in one if you had a fire. I think it was cold enough that even with a fire going, it wouldn't have melted. Granted this one is very small, but if it were made bigger, I think it would have held up in the below freezing temperatures.


Nene said...

I remember when I was a kid, a bunch of the neighborhood kids decided to build an igloo. It seemed like we got boxes and put snow in them and then packed it down and dumped it out. I can't really remember. The reason we were doing it is because we were all going to have a snowball fight - one snowfort against the other. Even though it didn't have a roof on it, I remember thinking how much warmer it was there. The fort stayed up for a couple days or more.

Inside Stories said...

My kids used to make snow forts with plastic buckets, and they were packed pretty solid and almost like ice.
I do know the boy scouts sleep in snow caves and say they are warm. I do not want to test any of this, however. :0)