Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Nene!

Because of lack of computer access this last week I am late in posting this, but I wanted to write a few memories of my sister Nene to celebrate her birthday.

--I remember the Nene had an overnight case in her closet full of barbies. I would go in there when she was gone and play with them. I don't remember her ever really getting upset.

--She took care of me alot when I was little; I even remember her bathing me and taking me places.

--Nene had the "office" bedroom for awhile. It had built in book shelves and drawers. I remember she sent off for a "three bears" toy and had it on her shelf. I used to play with it alot. I have a fuzzy memory, but I think she finally gave it to me. I'm not sure, that may have been why she sent off for it.

--Nene always played the guitar well and would sing with her friends and perform for reunions and such. She also played the piano well and even tried to teach me. I think I was too ADD and young to learn from her then, so didn't learn until I took lessons from another teacher, but I do remember those first lessons with Nene.

--I remember she and her friends playing pool in our garage. One of the guys had a big motorcycle. Don't tell him this, but I remember trying to sit on it once. It's a wonder it didn't fall over.

--When Nene got married, I was a flower girl with a pink full skirt dress and my hair curled in wrinklets. :)

--Nene is good at needlework. She sews very well and also embroiders well. I remember she made a wall hanging for my parents that was beautiful.

--Nene is a natural born leader, and even though she isn't the oldest, we all sort of put her in the leader position. She has had many opportunities to lead in the church.

--Nene has a good sense of humor and always makes me laugh. She is outspoken, so will say what she is thinking; which also makes me laugh. ;)

--I have always appreciated Nene's cleaning and organization skills. Those are things that don't come easily to me, so I appreciate that talent.

--Nene just moved to Ireland, and I'm excited for the opportunity she has to learn about another culture. I know it will be hard for her to be away from home, but two years really does go by fast.

Happy birthday Nene, I love you!

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Nene said...

Wow, I do not remember the 3 bears toy at all! What was it? I can't even remember the barbies in the overnight case. AAUUUUGGGHHH - early alzheimers! Thanks for the great tribute! I love you!