Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Antioch School Teachers Demonstrate at School Board Meeeting

I went with two of my neighbors tonight to go to the monthly school board meeting. The teachers in this school district had also planned a protest outside the District offices. In the end, we decided to just help the teachers protest instead of attending the meeting. That ended up being a good idea since the school board purposefully didn't change the venue to a larger room, and not many people were allowed to attend.

This District Supervisor has already made so many bad decisions that I don't know how easily this district can recover. Right now she is trying to force the teachers' union to accept a terrible contract that would force them to work "unlimited hours" without extra pay, and to take on an extra class each day, thereby losing their prep. period. In addition, the retirement investments were shifted to AIG, which is one of the corporations that failed and received bailout money from the government. How can a school district administration be allowed to decide what happens to the employees retirement investments??? In addition, I mentioned before that she eliminated "zero tolerance" of drugs, and has put a ban on most suspensions for disciplinary measures.

It was estimated that we had about 500 people in attendance tonight. I was only one of a handful of non-teachers there. We did our best to make noise and make sure they knew of our presence. We weren't allowed in the meeting though. Do you want to know why? Because the school board just came up with a 7 page list of things that teachers are NOT allowed to do during a school board meeting. It's astounding that there is no accountability for this intolerable school board and insane superintendant.

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