Friday, December 19, 2008

Seminary Christmas Party

Today was our last seminary class until January 5th. I had planned it all out, but wasn't sure it would work the way I had planned. But it all went great!

I asked each student to bring a wrapped Christmas ornament to exchange. Then I put all of the packages on a table in the front of the room. I was afraid some people might forget, so I brought three extra ornaments. It turned out that three people forgot, so it worked out perfectly. Then I gave a scripture mastery clue, and the first person to find the scripture got to come pick out an ornament. They opened it for everyone to see. Then the next person to get the scripture could either take the ornament that was just opened (and that person would pick another) or they could open a new one. If they were happy with the ornament they had, they could choose one to give to someone else in the class. I knew that some people wouldn't be able to find the scripture fast enough to get an ornament, so that worked out well. The only thing that went differently than I planned was that after everyone got an ornament, no one wanted to play anymore because they were all happy with the ornaments they got.

One interesting thing that happened was that when I was shopping for ornaments, I found one that was a clear plastic JOY. It just so happens that one of my students is named Joy, so I bought that one with her in mind. She ended up being the first person to choose a present, and she picked that very ornament. No one wanted to steal that away from her, and she was happy with it, so that is the one she went home with. :)

We also watched "The Nativity" which is a church production. You can watch it online by clicking this link. If you haven't seen it, it is a 6 minute video that I think really portrays the feeling of what Mary and Joseph experienced.

We take turns bringing treats to seminary, but I was afraid that Joy, whose turn it was today, would forget, so I brought some "Cuties". She didnt' forget, so we had Cuties and chocolate muffins. If you haven't had Cuties, they are a clementines that I love to buy this time of year. They are so good and easy to peel, and they are seedless. I've bought other clementines, but these are the only seedless ones I have found.

I also wanted to give my students a present, but didn't want to spend alot of money since I have 12 students. At the beginning of the year I had bought composition notebooks for them to use in class. I didn't know the seminary program furnishes them with a journal, so I didn't need to use the composition notebooks. So for a present, I used a blanket stitch to stitch felt covers on all of them. I found some stick on letters and put each of their names on them. I tied them up with a pretty ribbon and a candy cane. They weren't too fancy, but I think they liked them.

It was a nice class today. It's nice to plan something and have it turn out like you hoped it would. Now I can focus on Christmas. :)


Amber said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas party!! :)

Inside Stories said...

Cute ideas.