Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sally the Brat

So today I took Sally back down to the park, half hoping she would have forgotten about the gopher hole. No chance...this dog has a memory like an elephant. Not only did she remember, but she made a beeline for it the minute we entered the park. I had to stand right by it the entire time to keep her from digging. Part of me thinks she will never willingly leave it alone, and that I should just let her dig the heck out of it. Who knows, maybe she will actually kill the stupid thing. But the other part of me doesn't want my dog responsible for a huge hole in the park.

At one point, a new dog came in to the park, and she was excited to meet it, so went over. That kept her entertained for several minutes, so I left the hole, hoping that would keep her away. It did, but the owner of the dog decided not to stay long. I didn't have enough warning, and Sally saw her chance and ran for all she was worth to the hole. At one point I could swear she channelled my children. She was running head on toward the hole with me yelling for her to stop, and she turned her head and looked over her shoulder to see how close I was. I could swear that brat dog was smiling when she saw I was not even close!

This war is not over! I will not submit! I will not give up my territory! lol


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Get a shock collar. :) They work. Some people think they're mean, but you don't have to shock them very many times before they learn to obey. (At least while they're wearing it. lol)

Inside Stories said...

I say the same thing raising these kids. :0)

Dee Ice Hole said...

Shock colars do work but they quickly learn to tell when they are wearing them---shock cable is another thing---anyway you won't win unless she doesn't like the consequences of visiting the hole---good luck---but she will win unless you just go to the hole and stay there without some pretty big punishment for digging there.