Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pain in the Neck

I'm not sure what I did, but I have wrenched my neck. I've had a seriously stiff neck for about 4 days now. I wonder if maybe wrestling my dog did it to me. When she sees other dogs, she goes ballistic and I have to wrangle her and make her sit and settle down. She is 73 pounds, so not easy to handle. I don't know if that's the reason my neck hurts, but I can't think of anything else I did.

I was thinking about something a friend told me. He does alternative healing, and works with kinesiology. He believes that if you say things like "what a pain in the neck" that you then will get a pain in the neck. My Dad always says, "Oh my aching back" when something goes wrong. I wonder if his back hurts. I think that even though I don't really believe that saying something gives you the malady, it has still influenced me because I find myself having an aversion to saying, "What a pain in the butt". I can't think of any other sayings like that, but I do often say, "What a pain in the neck". I don't know, but I don't think that's why my neck hurts. :)


Dee Ice Hole said...

OK---here is the secret pain cocktail of all time---4 each Advil 200 mg tablets and 1/2 each extra strength tylenol tablet---take every 6 hours (yup 6 and don't miss one because it takes a long time to get all this stuff into your blood and it goes out quickly). Pain goes away pretty well after the first three hours---try it---you'll quit hurting anyway.

Max said...

Hi again,

LOL well, I know some people who say that if you keep repeating something, it will become true eventually - I am not sure it is true (never tested it)! But I do believe in positive and negative thoughts attracting positive and negative facts. Our mind is very powerful.
There is also another mystic stream that believes if you speak certain words you are sending the intention (behind them) to the energetic waves thus causing what you said to be reality - hmmm, it does give us a lot to think about, doesn't it? lol

Anyway, I would say that wrestling with your dog did it!

I wish you well :)!


Bunc said...

Here's another pain cocktail that works really well.
Take one clean glass.
Put into galss three cubes ice.
Cover ice with double measure of whisky.
Repeat as desired until anaesthetic effect achieved.

Warning: Do not drive while under medication!