Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Laugh Until You Cry

Image from Flicker

I've never been to the taping of a sitcom, but I've been told that they have comedians come to warm up the audience. I think once you get laughing, it takes less to make you laugh. I think the same thing happens when you read cards in the store.

Today I was picking out a birthday card and started laughing at some of the funny ones. It seemed that the more I read, the easier I laughed, just like with a warm up comedian. I think it escalated because my daughter came down the aisle and I started sharing some of the funny cards with her. Then it happened. I found one that just hit me the right way, and I laughed so hard I started crying. I don't mean a little tear dripping out of the corner of your eye. I mean the kind of laugh crying where you are wiping your eyes and can't even breathe. My daughter was so embarassed that she left me in the middle of the aisle and walked away. I pulled it together, and started to leave, so she came back. But when she said, "Are you ready to leave now?" in an irritated voice, it made me start up again. I tried in vain to find a non funny card so I could get my mind off the other one, but I was still walking down the aisle wiping my eyes and laughing.

You might be wondering what it was that made me laugh so much. I considered not telling you so that I could buy the card and give it to someone, but then I thought it probably wouldn't be as funny to them unless I first brought out the "warm-up" cards. So I'll tell you the card, but I doubt you will cry til you laugh...you had to be there. :)

On the front: An old man all hunched over. He says, "You know you are getting older when something gets stuck in your zipper."

On the inside: Chest hair


Nene said...

Several of my friends and I were in a card shop reading cards. We started laughing so hard the 2 ladies who ran the shop came over to see "what was so funny!" :0)

Dee Ice Hole said...

I'd have laughed at that one. Maybe not 'til I cried but I'd have laughed pretty hard.