Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Laugh

Today our family decided to put together a brand new puzzle. My oldest son was particularly interested and invested the most time in assembling it. My other two teenagers also eventually got involved, although the 10 year old didn't seem interested. Soon the entire family, grandparents included, (except for the 10 year old) were all working at the puzzle.

This was a fairly difficult puzzle. We did finally finish it, but I think we started about 1:00, and finished about 8:00. Not everyone worked on it the whole time, but we would wander off for awhile, then come back and work for awhile.

As we neared the completion of the puzzle, my oldest son made a comment that he would like to be the person to put the last piece in the puzzle. The other two teenagers caught on quickly, and it became a competition to see who could put in the last piece. We worked and worked until suddenly we were down to only 4 open spots left. But search as we might, we couldn't find the last 4 pieces. Suddenly we noticed that my daughter was talking funny; she had a piece hidden in her mouth. I think it started to get too soggy because she finally decided she better put it in the puzzle. That left three spots, and everyone swore they didn't have them. We were just about to do body searches when my oldest son admitted he had one, and said he would be a bigger person and play his, even though he was sure someone still had one. Suddenly, here came the 15 year old with his hidden piece. He gloatingly placed the last piece.

But we all noticed that there still remained one empty spot. We were pretty sure we had lost a piece in all of the commotion. We had searched the floor, but still couldn't find it. Then from out of no where, my 10 year old extracted the last final piece and placed it triumphantly in the puzzle. He may be smaller, but he pulled one over on them all!! :D


deputymomof6 said...

Good one, I am impressed.

Amber said...

that's so cute!