Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've Had My Fill of Berkeley

Yesterday we were in Berkeley and decided to stop at the artisans' faire near Telegraph street. I think my husband wanted me to get some exposure to the Berkeley culture. I think I've had my fill now. lol There were several things I saw and heard that really typified my experience there. One was a stall that had jewelery for sale. The sign said, "Designs by Cloud". I saw Cloud sitting there. I think her name fits. I also saw a "Rastas" stall. The man sitting there had dreds, and had stuffed them inside a huge knitted hat. His hair and hat were far bigger than his head. One stall had bumper stickers that were all political, all talking about taking down "the system". One guy had a stall that sold peace signs. There was a big sign that said something to the effect: I have been making these peace signs for much of my life, and I will make them the rest of my life. Donations are accepted." There was one man who was on stilts dressed as a tree. He had a mask, and branches and leaves. I should have taken my camera. Oh wow, I just found a picture on Flickr to show you.

One conversation I overheard was very telling. A young man was talking to the Rastafarian man. The older man said, "You are from LA? Do you work there? The young man said, "I guess you could say that, I'm a muscician." So basically, he should have answered no. :)
I actually did end up buying a couple of things. It was a very interesting place to go, even with the smell of incense permeating everything. Berkeley isn't my cup of tea, but it's kind of fun to see how that area of the Bay area lives. As my daughter would say, "They're whacked!"


Nene said...

The tree guy looks like Tree Beard from Lord of the Rings!

deputymomof6 said...

That looks like it was so cool!! I miss that about CA. They always have good outdoor markets.

PsychDoctor said...

I went to berkley, it was weird

Amber said...

it really does look cool, oh to be a hippie! :)