Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Twist

I just realized that I forgot to post a happy birthday message for my brother Twist. His birthday was the end of November. Here are some things I remember about growing up with Twist:

--He was always very good with electronic things. Once when he was a young teenager,our television went out, so he took it apart and told my Dad what part to buy. My Dad did, and Twist fixed the tv! I think he took apart several other electronic things at our house as well. As far as I know, they always worked when he put them back together. He layed the pieces carefully out so that he would remember how they went back together. I also remember he made alot of gadgets. One gadget I remember was his mosquito zapper. I don't know if it worked on mosquitos, but it did zap, and it worked pretty well on sisters and brothers. He also made an electric drawer that would open when you pushed a button.

--Twist always had a variety of interests, including hypnotism. He bought a hypnotism record and he and Sticks used to practice hypnotiszing each other. He actually did learn how and hypnotized my cousin once. My mother didn't approve of this, so my memory is that he hid the record in the wall so that she wouldn't get hold of it and throw it out.

--Another interest Twist had (I think he still is interested in these things today) was aliens and UFOs. I think one of his fondest dreams as a child was to actually see a UFO. He spent alot of time outside scouring the skies.

--Twist always had a fascination with tornados. Living in Texas, we had many chances to see tornados. While most of the family was hunkered down in the closet or laundry room during a tornado, Twist was outside trying to see one. Hmm...I think he still does that today. ;)

--I remember that right before he left for his mission to Mexico, he took pictures of all of his prized posessions, and gave each of us one of the pictures, with the permission to use that item while he was gone. I got to ride his bike for those two years. :)

--Twist has always been fascinated with survival techniques, and could probably win Survivor if he got on the show. I know he would like to get on the show, but I'm not sure if his wife would approve of him being in a tribe with scantily clad women for that long of time. ;)

--Twist recently has completed a book based upon the life of my grandfather. He is currently trying to get it published. Good luck Twist!

--Twist is a very loving brother and a wonderful person. Happy belated birthday Twist!

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deputymomof6 said...

That is so nice, and such interesting things that we probably would never have known if you had not shared them!! Thanks!!!!