Saturday, December 27, 2008


This was probably the busiest Christmas season of my life. There was a three week period when I was gone almost every night because of some event or another. Of course, I was still teaching seminary, so that took a big chunk of my time, but it seemed that along with normal demands on my time, everyone else wanted a chunk to celebrate the Christmas season with me. Luckily, (I hope that doesn't sound bad) we weren't invited to any friend parties. I think that would have pushed me over the edge. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this holiday, it is just that I wasn't able to do all that I wanted to do.

I realize that I have alot of internal expectations about what should be done at Christmas. I wasn't able to do many of them. I didn't send my Christmas cards....yet. I actually, for the first time in three years, decided I'm just going to send them late. I didn't make cookie plates for my neighbors; something I do every year. I didn't host a Christmas party/talent show for my neighbors; something we do regularly. I didn't go Christmas caroling with friends like we do every year. I didn't put up some decorations that I traditionally use. I know that in the long term, some of these things don't really matter, but it's frustrating to have so many demands on my time that I can't do what matters to me.

One close call we had: My oldest son asked us to help him pick up a present for his sister when we went to the store on Christmas eve. I guess I don't shop on Christmas eve very often because I didn't realize all the stores close at 6:00. He wanted us to buy her a cookbook. We went to one last store that was staying open until 7, but it was a grocery store, and they didn't have what he wanted. At least we were able to get the last minute groceries we needed.

I enjoyed my Christmas this year, but I just wish that my life were a little slower paced so that I could really enjoy it and do all of the little things that make me happy at this time of the year. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.

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