Friday, November 07, 2008

LDS Temple Target of Gay Protestors

Watch this footage of protestors at our temple in Los Angeles. It's interesting to me that we are accused of hate crimes, but watch this footage and see what you feel coming from the protestors.

I also want to adamantly state here that our church as an institution gave NO money to the Yes on 8 campaign. We as individual members were encouraged to support this proposition in any way we could, along with the other churches that belonged to the Yes on 8 coalition. But we weren't asked to give any specific amount of money, and we didn't even report to the church how much we chose to give. We were asked to make it a matter of prayer and decide if, and how much we would give. We were also encouraged to support the grass roots movement, but there were many members who did not participate, and who did not give money. This was a strictly volunteer movement.

I might add that the No on 8 people set up a website where they posted the names of the people who donated to the Yes on 8 campaign. Personally, I think that is an infringement of personal information. I don't know what the law says about donations to campaigns, but I personally don't think that should be made public.

Clearly, the GLBT wants to use the same tactics that I heard were used by some in the presidential election. I heard that there were men with billy clubs near polling places who were intimidating people to vote for Obama. They were subsequently arrested. The GLBT would like to use the same intimidation to try to retaliate against the LDS church. Well, we Mormons have been persecuted before, and I"m sure we will be persecuted again. I mean, if Governor Boggs could sign an extermination order, I assume the gays will find some comparable way to get revenge. My only question for them is, what are you going to do about the hundreds of thousands of other, non-Mormon California voters who also voted yes on this issue?


Stace-Ghost said...

I agree and am very disturbed by the video. I mean what about all the other people who voted again gay marriage?
check this out:

Fromagette said...

Since I'm not there, I get all my information second hand. However, I can't tell you how frustrated this makes me. Not only are they picking on us because we were perhaps the most visible supporters, but they are putting false information on their signs etc. I hope things quiet down soon.