Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

I'm thankful to live in a land where I have freedom of religion, speech, due process, vote, and many other freedoms.

I'm thankful for good parents who taught me right from wrong, and gave me what I needed to succeed in life.

I'm thankful for siblings who will carry on the love and support after my parents are gone.

I'm thankful for a wonderful husband and marriage that gives a peaceful foundation to my life.

I'm thankful for children who thrive despite me, and who bring me joy.

I'm thankful for the necessities of life that I enjoy, and for the things that aren't necessities, but which I also enjoy.

I'm thankful for the experiences in my life that have taught me and shaped my view of the world.

I'm thankful for a loving Savior who not only atoned for my sins, but took upon Himself my spiritual and emotional burdens so that "He might know how to succor" me.

I'm thankful that the Lord has opened the windows of heaven and poured out more blessings that I can number.

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