Friday, October 17, 2008


Today my husband and I went to the temple. Afterwards, as we were leaving, we could hear some yelling up the street. As we drove near the freeway, we saw a crowd of protestors carrying signs and yelling, "No on 8!". One lady (I use that term loosely) was carrying a large sign and walking back and forth on the crosswalk to make sure every car could view her sign. What struck my husband and me was the look on the faces of the protestors. The best word to describe the feeling I got from them was "Hate". They oozed hatred and anger. Their faces were contorted in to angry glares. That may not seem so strange, but you have to realize that I had just come from the temple. I had just come from the house of the Lord. I had just been in a sacred place with people whose countenances radiated peace and love. I had been in a place where I could feel the spirit of God. As I passed these angry people with signs that read, "8=hate", the only hate I felt was coming from them. They took particular attention when my husband and I passed by in our car. I think they can spot Mormons. They were placed on that corner for a purpose. They are, in part, protesting our Church's involvement in the "Yes on 8" campaign. I don't know that I'm the best example of Christlike living, but I do think that wholesome living shows on a person. How did they know I was Mormon? I hope it was the vibes I give off. As I watched them yelling and shaking their fists while raising their signs, I couldn't help but think of the phrase from the scriptures, "they were in the gall of bitterness".


Nene said...

It amazes me to see people who get so caught up in a cause like that and yet if that energy would put to a better cause, how much better would this world be.

Looney said...

This is what scares me about the whole upcoming election - it looks like the angry left has a good chance of taking control over the country.