Saturday, October 04, 2008

Me, and My Dog

How My Dog and I Are Alike:

1. We both are pedigree, but not really considered the "pretty" breeds.
2. We both have high energy, but our gas tanks are small, so we run out of energy fast.
3. We both have a short fuse if pushed the wrong way.
4. We both like to take walks
5. We both have bad hair days
6. We both are tall.
7. She likes to chew toys. I like to chew ice.
8. We are both stubborn.
9, We both like the cat.

How My Dog and I are NOT Alike:

1. My husband loves me....
2. She is content to eat the same food every day.
3. I see a skunk and turn the other way.
4. I tend to like alot of alone time. She wants constant company
5. She dribbles when she drinks water.
6. She loves chasing rodents, I scream and climb on a chair.
7. She has webbed feet.
8. I don't like to eat horse manure.

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