Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Bad

For those who know me, it won't come as any surprise that I'm ornery. This is something that I struggle overcoming in my personality. I was thinking the other day about the scripture that says that if you have charity you aren't easily provoked. I'm very easily provoked. I know I'm supposed to be Christlike, but I have this ornery streak. Well, it eeked out the other day.

I have this neighbor..whom I have written about before, who is psycho. He calls the police and complains about every little thing. I just got a notice in the mail that my birch tree is hanging lower than 7 feet above the sidewalk. I have to go out there and cut off a few inches...and I do mean a few inches. If my tree were hanging completely in the way of pedestrians, I could understand someone complaining. But this is a matter of inches, and most people I know aren't even over 6 feet tall, so the tree wouldn't bother. But this one neighbor can't stand it. Everyone in the neighborhood has to deal with his complaints to the city. Recently one man was roofing his house and a policeman showed up to tell him that someone complained about the noise. I know it seems unfair, but the policeman is bound by law to come out and tell the person of the complaint. I really want to find out if I can complain about the complaining.

Okay, so here is what I did that was really bad. And I'm starting to feel a little sorry about my behavior. A little... The other day, after I had received the notice complaining about my tree, my neighbor and I were walking our dogs past this man's house. As we passed, I noticed the flowers in the flower bed were getting a little ratty looking. An ornery whim overcame me and I said quite loudly, "These flowers look horrible!" I honestly was just being ornery, the flowers didn't bother me at all. And I honestly wasn't saying it TO anyone, I was just being ornery and trying to make my neighbor friend who was walking with me laugh. Just then I looked up and noticed that the front bedroom window was open a crack. I wondered if "Meany P" had heard me. I honestly didn't care what his flowers looked like, I was just feeling ornery.

My neighbor was outside the next day and what do you think she saw? Meany P's wife was out front putting in new flowers....


Nene said...

I think he did hear you - and I really do think he is psycho. Is his wife as psycho as he is? Or is she bullied by him? Sometimes I almost feel sorry for people like him who live their lives like that - always finding fault with other people...Sometimes.

JJJ said...

Yeah telling them they have ratty flowers that'll teach emm!!

I do love watching them religious people getting down and dirty with the rest of us heathens.. (coughs)

If you feel bad about that, then well i guess i should be grief striken from my past. :P

Bunc said...

Oh you are so bad! Imagine commenting on the state of someone's flowers! If that's as ornery as you get then I think the world can probably sleep safe.