Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fight the Good Fight

Yesterday we went and waved Prop. 8 signs again. The opposition tried a few new tactics on us this time. We got many honks and thumbs up by people, but we did get a little more opposition this time than we did before. While I like waving signs, I wish that I could sit down and reasonably talk to each person who passes by. I would like to explain my position to them. But honestly, these people are so rabid, that I don't think we could have a calm discussion. The opposition accuses us of a hate crime in opposing same sex marriage. This isn't about hate for me. For me it is about preserving some of my rights. I want to preserve the right of my religion to decide if we will allow same gender couples to marry in our church, or adopt from our adoption agencies. I want to preserve my right to decide if my young children are taught in school about homosexuality. I want to preserve my right to say the words, "Homosexuality isn't part of Heavenly Father's plan for His children". In states where same sex marriage is allowed, these rights are disappearing. California has very strict anti-discrimination laws. If same sex marriage is preserved, we are in for a long battle to preserve our religious freedoms.

One woman tried what she thought would be a scorching tactic. She parked her car nearby and brought her daughter up to my husband. She said, "My daughter has a question for you." The little girl then asked my husband, "Why won't you let my Mommy marry her girlfriend?" I don't think this woman chose the right person when attempting this tactic. My husband is a very confident person, but he is also very kindly. He looked at the little girl, and in an assertive, but kindly way said, "Marriage is between a man and a woman." The mother butted in at this point and said, "The dictionary doesn't say that marriage has to be between a man and a woman!" My husband calmly answered back, "Why don't we let the California voters decide?" The woman, outraged, said to her daughter, "See! I wanted you to see this for yourself. Let's get out of here."

One woman hung her head out of her car woman and screamed and ranted and raved. I actually don't think she was against Prop. 8, but her contention was that she felt there were more important issues to be fighting for. Little does she know the ripple effect of legalizing same sex marriage.

Another woman drove by each group of sign wavers and shouted and accused. It was interesting to me that she yelled "You churches want to...." (sorry can't remember the rest of the sentence.) I found it interesting that she automatically assumed we were from a church. We didn't have any sort of religious symbols or signs to state that we were from a church. One man answered and said, "We are from the great state of California". She then went on to accuse us of stealing the "No on 8" signs. I am not the most patient person anyway, but when she said that, I actually guffawed outloud. Not only do we not steal signs, we have had to replace MANY signs that we have put up. The signs go up, and are stolen overnight by the opposition. (The sign in my own front yard was stolen last night.) Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I don't know if this proposition will pass. I pray it will, and I'm trying to make my voice heard to help others to understand why it is important for this to pass. This will be a tough battle, because the media, the electric company, many big name corporations, and even a billionaire are financially supporting same sex marriage. But I do have faith that the majority of people in California do not want same sex marriage legalized. Time will tell if our grass roots methods are effective.

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