Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today I helped wave signs for the "Yes on Proposition 8" campaign. I snagged this picture from the blog of a church friend. I think we attracted some attention, based on our getting one loud swear word, and the finger. But more importantly, we got MANY honks and thumbs up by passersby. I have to say that I was quite perplexed by two comments that were made. One driver, when passing by, yelled out her window that we shouldn't vote yes on 8, but that we should just "teach them safe sex". I'm not quite sure what she thinks prop 8 is about, but it isn't about keeping same sex couples from living together, or even having civil unions. Another car drove by and yelled out, "Read the van!". All over the sides they had written "No on 8, teach safe sex". Wow, we have some confused voters out there. I do like waving signs, it helps to heighten awareness. But I have to admit that ignorance such as we saw today makes me want to go door to door to help explain details to people who simply just don't understand.


Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for speaking out on this important issue both on the internet and live! I've been browsing the blog search engine, looking for posts related to Prop8. After reading a lot of misguided, derogatory, or misinformed rebuttals of this important legislation, it was refreshing to come across your blog and your support. I am so glad that you are helping to raise awareness of this issue. Most importantly, I hope you make it to the polls!

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Looney said...

I am at least thankful that there is only one 'no on 8' poster I have seen in the neighborhood and many 'yes on 8' posters.

deputymomof6 said...

The Mass Supreme Court just passed legislation that same sex relationship acceptance and tolerance be taught in schools and parents are not permitted to take their kids out of school for it. That is so ridiculous.... what is the world coming to? It makes me sick.