Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sally part 2

Nene suggested I post about Sally's personality. Today may not be the best day to do that because I just had to go rescue her from the neighbor's yard. She found a loose board in the fence and went through. I'm not sure how she went through because her hips were too big to come back.

We are having some behavioral problems, although compared to other dogs, they are relatively small, and just need some work to iron out. Let me start by listing her good traits:
--She is used to cats, so doesn't chase mine, and in fact acts like she would like to play with him.
--She is house trained
--She likes people and kids. Our last dog didn't trust children so was very intolerant of them petting him. Sally likes everyone.
--She is happy, smiling all the time. You might say dogs don't smile, but they do, and she does. My youngest son thinks she looks goofy when she smiles.
--Thet previous owner had a problem with her chewing things, but I think because we walk her every day, she doesn't chew. The walk gets out her energy.
--She plays well with the dog next door.

Okay, here are the traits we are trying to correct:
--She has started going ballistic when another dog walks by. I am trying to teach her to calm down. It's a work in progress.
--When she gets excited, she mouths my arms....kind of like biting, but she doesn't bite down. This is also a sign of dominance, so I have been correcting this.
--When I walk her, she still pulls at the leash. She doesn't do like some dogs and pull so much that the owner has to wrap the leash around their back, but she does pull. So I am working on that, and correct her when she pulls. That is also a sign of dominance; she is taking me for a walk, not vice versa.

The nice thing is that even though the walk to the park is tedious because of disciplining her pulling, after she runs for awhile, she is a lamb to lead home. No pulling then. Overall she is a really good natured dog, we just have to work out some kinks.

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Amber said...

she sounds like a really good dog for the most part, those seem fairly minor behavioral problems