Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have heard often in my life of the concept of intentionality. I'm not sure if my understanding is correct, but I learned that if you have a thought, or intention, and sort of send it out to the universe, that you have power to make it happen. Okay, that sounds sort of psycho or something, but I guess you could think of it as another term for faith.

Okay, let me back track for a minute. Since I was a young woman, I have wanted an airedale terrier. I'm not sure why, but I always liked them, and hoped that at some time in my life I would be able to get one. I learned about the concept of intentionality, and decided to sort of put the wish out there, and hope that at some time in my life, an airedale would come to me. I know that might sound a little superstitious, but bear with me. So I just kept the thought in my head, and kept my eyes open, and felt that I might get the chance some time to get an airedale.

Recently I have been looking for a dog. My husband kept saying, "The right dog will come to us". What that really meant in his mind I think was, "If I don't go looking for one, maybe I won't have to get another dog.". But I took him at his word. Last night I got a message on my answering machine from a friend of mine. Some time this past year, she was given an airedale terrier, and wondered if we might like it. She knew that we have been looking for a dog, and she felt like her home wasn't a good place for this dog. She has alot of animals, and she is right, it is a little too crowded, and they don't have the time and attention to give to this dog.

My husband is really against getting a dog right now. He was enjoying the clean back yard. My kids had certain dreams of getting a "cool" dog of some kind, probably some kind of "killer dog" :) They aren't thrilled with the idea of an airedale. But I feel like I have indulged many of them in their "dreams" throughout our life, and now it's my turn. If they dont' want this dog, can be mine. But I think I deserve the chance now that it has come to me.

Let me tell you some more reasons why I think this dog is ideal for me. First of all, she has been spayed, and has all of her shots up to date. Second of all, she is AKC registered, and is a purebred (she even has her ear tattooed). Third, she is free. Fourth, she is 2 years old, so has received some training already. Talk about a ready made dog! My family is hesitant, and I know that this may not be the most ideal of dogs, so I agreed to take her on a provisional basis. We will take her for a little while, and decide if it is right for us to keep her. If not, we will give her back. Okay, truthfully, I mainly want to give my family the chance to get used to the idea before making a commitment. I'm excited, and looking forward to this new adventure.


Fromagette said...

Good luck! I hope your family comes around to your way of thinking. It does sound like a great opportunity. (And I'm glad you like dogs. I don't all that much and my poor children probably won't ever get one.)

deputymomof6 said...

What a perfect age!! Two is when they are done eating everything in sight and start to settle down. Our mastador is finally settling down, and I like her more than I used to. As for the small dogs, when they are gone... NO MORE!!!

Nene said...

I'm glad you got her. I know you've been wanting a dog for awhile.

Inside Stories said...

I think you should give it a try. Puppies are cute, but it's nice to have one that's trained and you know what she's like as an adult. At this stage in my life, I'd rather have an adult dog. (Actually I'm with your husband and would rather not have any dog, but I'm siding with you to finally get one you'd like :0)Because it will be living at YOUR house. )

Amber said...

i've always liked airedale terriers too - I'm glad you got to get a dog, and I hope everything works out so you can keep her and everyone loves her - i have heard that philosophy of life alot too, maybe i need to start putting more of my dreams out there into the world ;)

Dee Ice Hole said...

And just for the record Airedale Terriers are KILLER DOGS---the were bred to hunt venison---for the Kings Table---I hope you have the energy to do this dog and if you do you'll love her.

Lindsay-Weaver said...

The vet told me that "terrier" should be "terror". That being said, I think terriers are some of the smartest dogs out there. I really hope this dog makes a nice addition to your family.


rubenh ( said...

mans best friend

Max said...

Hey D!

You see? Intentionality worked for you :D! Now use it to make your family accept her :D! What is her name, BTW?

I wish you to keep her, so I will send you good vibes :D!

Have a great week, D!