Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, on the night of my son's board of review for his Eagle Scout award, I went with him and took my camera. There was another big meeting going on at the church, a post-girl's camp meeting. Right before we left to go home, I quickly went to use the restroom. Then we all went home. I haven't seen my camera since then. I am so depressed about it and have searched everywhere. I don't know for sure that I left it there, but I have searched the house and car and can't find it anywhere. I know it wasn't in the car that was broken in to because we didn't take that car. I went out to that church building tonight to check the lost and found. Nothing.... I put up some signs telling that I had lost the camera. Like I said, I don't even know for sure that I left it there, but that is the only place I can think it might be. I would hate to think that any of the young girls found it and took it, but I guess we all are subject to temptation, and maybe that was too much for one of them. I'm praying I get it back, but I know that if it was taken, another person's free agency comes in to play. Part of me thinks maybe I just liked it too much and I shouldn't have gotten attached to such a worldly thing, so maybe in some way this is to teach me a lesson. I dont' know, but I sure hope it turns up.


Becky said...

The same thing happened to me last year, and it is so disappointing. I took my camera to seminary on Halloween and when I unpacked my bag, it was nowhere to be found. I scoured the church twice, talked to the "cleaning" people, and talked with all the seminary kids, but no luck. So, I made do with our old film camera (and I discovered that you can get the pictures recorded digitally on a cd when they're processed), until hubby got me a new one for Christmas. I sure hope yours turns up soon and that it was just hiding somewhere.

Amber said...

me too - I hope you find it!

Max said...

Hey D!

It is terrible when we lose something...but we shouldn't let get to us, cause after all it is just a camera.

I have tried to analyse why we get so upset when we lose things: it is because we got attached to it, or is it because of the money spent on it; or even because of the time invested taking care of it? I still don't know...but I will keep investigating!

I hope the camera turns up! :D