Sunday, July 06, 2008

Baby Face

I normally don't post pictures of my kids on the internet, but this daughter is 20, so I feel a little better about putting her picture up. The reason I put it up is to illustrate something that happened recently. Before she left for her Jerusalem trip, there was a parent's meeting in Provo, Utah which we attended with her. One night we went to an all you can eat place for dinner. They charge the adults one price, and the children's price is according to their age. When we told the cashier that we had three adult meals, he stared at my daughter. I said, "I know, she looks 13, but she is 20". He laughed and said that he did think she was a young teenager. My sister in law has had this same problem. One day a salesman came to the door and when she answered it he said, "Is your mom home?". She said, "I AM the Mom!". All I can say is, that must be nice. My youngest son's teachers sometimes question how old I was when I had him because I look old. Hmm...I guess I am old. I was 36 when I had him. In the Mormon culture that isn't considered very old, but I guess to others it is. But I do have a feeling that my daughter is going to have people asking for her mother when she answers the door too.

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Max said...

Hey D!

You have such a gorgeous daughter!
I know exactly what she goes through: the same thing happens to me!

When I turned 18, and went to buy a train ticket, the man selling the tickets refused to sell me an adult ticket because he said that I was 10! 10 years old, can you believe it? LOL LOL...I had to show him my ID.
And now that I am 31, people think that I am 18...let's put it this way, your kid, your sis-in-law, I and everybody who experience this may never need a face lift lol!

Congrats on such a beautiful daughter :)! You make beautiful babies, D!