Sunday, June 01, 2008

Politics and Religion

I was shocked when I saw this headline this morning. "Obama quits Chicago church steeped in controversy". But after reading the article, I can't blame him, and I also can't blame the athiests who criticize us for our religious fervor. It's these kinds of behaviors that cement in their minds that religion is the cause of all wars and contentions in the world. You can read the article by clicking here. Notice that it even talks about some crazy things that McCain's preacher said too. It's people like these that give all religion a bad name.


Max said...


This is why I always say that Religion and Politics do not walk hand-in-hand. History has taught us that.
On the other hand a society without spirituality (or even religion) is a doomed one!


Inside Stories said...

I agree with Max.

I have to say I am so not thrilled with our presidential candidates this election, though. Not any of them. I'm waiting to see who the running mates are!