Monday, May 26, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

When I look at my kids, I don't really see that any of them look like my husband or me. To me, it's more like our genetics got mixed up in a blender, not handed out in pieces. They are a blend of us, not a mirror image of us. But I do have one son who's body is built just like my husband. As he grows, I am finding that the genetics of my husband run deep, and similar personality traits are popping out all the time.

First of all I mentioned his body being like my husband's. They both are large chested, and more husky built. I know this might sound weird, but even the shape of their legs is the same. I have recently noticed that my son has flat feet......just like his Dad. His hair is much darker than my other kids' hair...just like his Dad.

Now let's get to personality traits. Yesterday I looked over and noticed that my son has calluses on the backs of his thumbs. Interesting, considering the fact that his father chews the backs of his thumbs while he is thinking, and also has calluses. When my husband was in school, he always had his head in a book, and the kids called him a bookworm. My son's teachers have told me that he constantly reads in class, and they have to sometimes ask him to stop and listen to what they are teaching. My son went to a skating party with the cub scouts the other day. When he came home, I asked him how it went. He said that he isn't very good at skating. Little does he know, his Dad isn't either.

My oldest son read a news article about how scientists have now cloned a dog. They said that is much harder than cloning a sheep. Pfftt...I have them all beat, I cloned my husband when I gave birth to my son. :)


Max said...

Hey D!

LOL LOL loved the last sentence "I cloned my husband when I gave birth to my son." LOL...

I was not surprised at all at this, genetics is an interesting thing: my brother is the spit image of my dad; I am my mom's reflection. However, I have my dad's legs, and my brother had my mom's. I am petite like the women in my dad's family and my brother is tall like the men in my mom's family.

Now character traits are even more interesting, and it is funny how your son chews the back of his thumb just like his dad...interesting indeed :)!

Loved reading this, D! Thanks for sharing!


Nene said...

I think your daughter looks more like you than you realize. :0}