Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging Culture: Page 161 Tag

Livingsword tagged me with the Page 161 Tag. For this tag you select a book and choose one complete sentence from page 161 (in brackets we are told that it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful one, I am not sure if that means the book or the sentence).

"Tracing on strong wing every curve of the most precipitous torrents from one extremity of the Sierra to the other; not fearing to follow them through their darkest gorges and coldest snow-tunnels; acquainted with every waterfall, echoing their divine music; and throughout the whole of their beautiful lives interpreting all that we in our unbelief call terrible in the utterances of torrents and storms, as only varied expressions of God's eternal love." The Wildernesss World of John Muir Edited by Edwin Way Teale

I tag:
Goin Bowling
Gilbert Girl
Welcomed Insanity


Nene said...

Just wanted to let you know that I clicked on the above link to Livingsword and it takes you to a weird website that I know is not Livingsword's. You may want to fix it.

Delirious said...

That's weird, it works for me. The title at the top of the page should be "Life on the blade". Is that what you saw?